About Us

Welcome to Hospo Direct, Your Kitchen Layout, Design, and Fit Out Specialists:

Your trusted source for high-quality commercial kitchen equipment and shop design solutions.


We Specialize in:

Providing a full range of commercial equipment and services for the hospitality industry. 

Designing and delivering well-planned and aesthetically pleasing  spaces. Offering equipment supply, shop design, council consents, space planning, fit-outs.


Why choose Hospo Direct?

We have over 25 years in this industry, from ownership of our own spaces, to consulting with councils, full turn key solutions, and competitively priced equipment.

Having this experience from both sides of the coin,  gives us the knowledge to choose the right equipment and design required for any space put in front of us.

With 100's of hospitality and retail shops, cafes, restaurants completed over the years, We haven't had one that we didn't have a solution for. 


Our Equipment:

Equip your commercial kitchen with top-tier appliances for optimal performance and efficiency. At Hospo Direct, we offer a curated selection of essential kitchen equipment, including:

Enhance your kitchen's capabilities with our range of high-quality appliances from leading brands.

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Thanks from the team at Hospo Direct.