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B18/36 Four Tier Shelving – 457 mm deep x 1880 high +GST

B18/36 Four Tier Shelving – 457 mm deep x 1880 high

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Elevate your restaurant storage with Hospo Direct's premium B18/36 Four Tier Shelving – 457 mm deep x 1880 high. Organize supplies efficiently while saving space. Our Four Tier Shelving – 457 mm deep x 1880 high, are perfect for New Zealand eateries. Get organized with our durable shelving solutions, designed for easy access and durability. Hospo Direct: Your Reliable Shelving Partner.

  • Optimize restaurant storage with Hospo Direct's B18/36 Four Tier Shelving
  • Maximize space efficiency and keep supplies organized effortlessly.
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting, reliable storage solutions.
  • Easy access design for quick retrieval of restaurant supplies.
  • Elevate your commercial kitchen's organization with our premium shelves.
  • Trust Hospo Direct for top-quality restaurant storage solutions.
  • Create a clutter-free and efficient restaurant environment.
  • New Zealand's choice for durable and space-saving shelving units.
  • Enhance your restaurant's functionality with Hospo Direct shelving.
  • high quality, attractive and robust
    easily adjustable corner lock clips
    meets appropriate health dept. requirements
    optional castors available, with or without brake

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Width: 915 mm
Height: 1880 mm
Depth: 457 mm
Packaging Weight:
Packaging Depth:
Packaging Width:
Packaging Height:
Volume Main:
Best Suited to:
Refrigeration Type:
Ambient Temperature:
Oil Capacity:
Cooking Type:
Gas Type:
Cooking Burner Output:
Sink Side:
Stainless Benches Type:
Stainless Benches Thickness:
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