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WW-2N Stainless Steel Waterless Nature Gas Double Wok +GST

WW-2N Stainless Steel Waterless Nature Gas Double Wok

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Stainless Steel Waterless Nature Gas Double Wok – WW-2N
• Gas Approval Number: GMK10371
• Size: 1200mmW×890D×790H+470 back
• Unique air-gap design cooling system keeps top clean, free from buckling & cool at all times without running water. 

Think of the huge savings in water cost and environmental impact!
• One piece pressed all stainless steel Wok top will never crack or leak
• All high quality Stainless Steel construction
• Comes standard with duck bill burners (optional chimney burners are available*)
Natural Gas and LPG** option with duck bill burners only


• Has Front Gutter
• Extremely efficient filter system guarantees no solids will enter drains
• Light & smooth knee operatable Wok valves
• Master gas shut-off valve on front panel
• Only the highest quality cast iron Wok rings are used
• The legs, back and shelf are detachable, allowing easy access through any doorway
• No crevice construction is hygienic & very easy to clean
* LPG model or option kit not available in New Zealand

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Width: 1200 mm
Height: 1260 mm
Weight: 128 kg
Depth: 890 mm
Packaging Weight:
Packaging Depth:
Packaging Width:
Packaging Height:
Volume Main:
Best Suited to:
Refrigeration Type:
Ambient Temperature:
Oil Capacity:
Cooking Type:
Gas Type:
Cooking Burner Output:
Sink Side:
Stainless Benches Type:
Stainless Benches Thickness:
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